Rubin Advisors by the Numbers

At Rubin Advisors, we like to periodically review our performance and reflect on past projects. Here is a snapshot of the last 18-months:1

13: Total number of projects

3: Clients for whom at least three previous incentive projects have been negotiated and managed by Rubin Advisors

8: Total states in which projects occurred = (states across the nation – three states had multiple projects). 

41: States in which company personnel has experience (we also have experience in Canada)

$7.0 million: Benefits realized through compliance services for one client this calendar year.

3: Clients who have Rubin Advisors managing incentives corporate wide (across multiple divisions)

33%: Average deliverable ratio (incentive to project investment ratio)

$400,000 to $151 million: Range of incentive commitments

$16 million: Average incentive commitment. (Median = $6.2 million)