Leslie has been providing economic development services to private sector companies for nearly 20 years and has delivered commitments in well over $300 million on projected investments of $1.0 billion, the majority of which were competitive interstate projects. She has also advised and consulted with manufacturers on environmental and health industry related issues. Her expertise comes from having owned, operated and managed economic development consulting firms and two biotechnology businesses, having served in the public sector as an administrator of a government division and having successfully obtained and administered millions in grants.

The following summarizes some of her accumulated experience:

  • Principal, Rubin Advisors Inc.
  • Chief Financial Officer, JeriMalone Inc
  • Administrator, Division of Planning, Department of Metropolitan Development, City of Indianapolis
  • Adjunct Fellow, Hudson Institute. Contributed to several health industry economic assessments, co-authored an emergency room utilization study and authored an analysis of the Central Indiana health industry
  • Consultant to the Lilly Endowment, Inc., and the Indiana Institute of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition

Educational achievements include a Bachelor’s of Arts with a dual major in Biology/Chemistry from Earlham College in June 1976 and a doctoral degree from Indiana University School of Medicine, Department of Biochemistry in June 1981.

Leslie is an alumnus of the Stanley K Lacy Leadership program, is a member of the buildings and grounds committee of the Indianapolis Museum of Art, is a director for the Indianapolis Opera and the Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis boards and has served on 10 different community committees including the United Way Needs Assessment, Indianapolis International Airport Advisory Committee and the Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee.

She has published 30 manuscripts, half of which have been in peer review journals, and has presented a half dozen abstracts of work in progress at professional meetings.